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A stretch ceiling is a lightweight fabric membrane that stretches into a UPVC or anodised aluminum perimeter profile. This allows the membrane to be used in any feature wall or ceiling application.

All membrane finishes can be UV printed with unlimited design patterns and images.

The membrane allows grilles, lights and hanging pendants to penetrate its surface with bespoke back structures in place allowing for the ceiling membrane to work in all residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

Every fabric ceiling is class BS1D0 fire rated. This is the equivalent to the UKI class ‘0’. All membranes come with CE certification.

10-year guarantee.


  • Moisture resistant and washable

  • PVC based

  • 0.2mm in thickness

  • Over 140 different finishes and colours

  • All membranes start from a roll of fabric

  • We have minimal on-site waste

  • The panels can be stretched to form many different shapes and forms

  • Large areas can be covered quickly

  • Translucent membranes act as a light diffuser when incorporated with our LED lightboxes.

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